Monday, 28 April 2008

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Take a long look at the picture ?

Yes Chelsea isn't talking !

Ok i've lost my five pound bet, she can stop talking.

Wayne x :0)


chelsea the amazing said...

Ha Ha put the one up of me when you took them of tommy, with me grinnig! with my thumbs up i think, cant really remember, send me any that are not on the blog if you've got n e :) :)

do it!

ha ha ha

ooh no talkin you 2 death would be well too easy :L


Anonymous said...

Chelsea Is Sexy Hahaha.
Keep It Up!!!



emma said...

Not sure what the subject thinks of the photo (after reading the other comments) but I think this shot is great.

Wayne Jones said...

Hi Emma,

I think it looks great especially in B&W.

Thanks for the comment.

Wayne :0)

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