Friday, 11 January 2008

Stop This Cruilty Now !

A petition has been put on http://www.voicesforhorses calling for equine traders and dealers to be regulated and licenced in the light of the 30 or so dead horses found in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

Please take a moment and add your name to fight for change and stop such horrific abuse happening again.

To add your name to the petition please follow the link on the home page or go to:
Please add your name to this !
Wayne x

Please click on this link if you need more info :

Your details will be kept in our secure database and used solely and without exception for the purposes of this petition. The only information made publicly available will be the number of petition signatures we receive.


Strawberry Lane said...

This is beyond outrageous!

I do hope the petition is successful and things like this can never happen again.

Every country should establish such laws before another discovery like Spindles Farm is made

I signed the petition even though I'm in the USA.

Wayne Jones said...

Thank you for the support, don't think it matters which side of the pond your on its a numbers game.

I agree doesn't matter where we all live in the world every country should have laws to prevent this happening again, but it will unless we all stand together and change things.


Wayne Jones said...

Dear All,

I've had an e-mail from Anne @ 'Voicesforhorses' which said please ask anyone to sign, its open to US UK & Europe...


New Website !

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